Eye Conditions -Nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism,

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Nearsighted (Myopia) – “Near Sighted” The type of vision in which far vision is blurry. Near vision is often good. This condition usually begins between ages 6 to 21 and may gradually worsen until after age 30. Contact lenses or glasses are indicated.


Farsighted (Hyperopia) – Type of vision in which seeing is strained at near. Distance vision is often very good. This condition causes your eyes to overwork for reading and other close work. Usual symptoms are headaches and eyestrain. Contact Lenses or glasses are indicated.


Astigmatism – Very common and not an eye disease. Symptoms include headaches, eye strain, and squinting. The condition occurs due to the shape of the eye and causes the eye to form a double focus or split image on the retina. (Much like a TV with bad reception). Contact lenses or glasses are indicated.


Presbyopia – A reduction of focusing ability for anything closer than arms’ length causing blurring and eyestrain. This usually occurs with anyone lucky enough to make it past the age of 40 and worsens with age. Bifocals or reading glasses are indicated.

Amblyopia – This eye is not able to see 20/20 even with the best corrective lenses. This condition can only be diagnosed by a complete eye examination. Many cases cannot be helped if detected too late.

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We are Memphis optometrists located next door to VisionWorks (formerly EyeMasters).

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We are local Memphis optometrists.  Located next door to VisionWorks (formerly EyeMasters)


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