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You Want It – We Provide It – Today!

We continually provide the best service possible the fastest service possible and we and cater to your needs:

For really fast service, you can make an appointment and fill out your forms in advance online at:

You want convenience.
We have three locations in Memphis: Winchester, Oak Court Mall, & WolfChase Mall. We are located next to VisionWorks (formerly  EyeMasters).

You like to save money.          Money
Our fees are very reasonable. How much are your eyes worth anyway?

You hate to wait.      Hate to wait
Same-day appointments are available, and we schedule our patients to be seen on time. Our optometrists  are efficient enough to handle walk-ins too.  If you need eyeglasses or contact lenses today, just call.

You have a busy schedule.    busy
We are open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

You want a thorough eye examination for eyeglasses or contact lenses.
The following tests are available in our office:
 Visual Acuities – This is a measurement of your vision without eyeglasses or contact lenses..eye chart

 Autorefraction – The computer assisted refraction to read the power of your eye.

Tonometry – We use the most advanced computer technology system to check for   glaucoma.  Our new gentle “air puff” is soft enough to use even on young children. Most other methods of testing glaucoma involve actually touching the eye with an object after having “drops” put in the eye.

Color Vision – We test for the existence of color blindness or color deficiencies.

 Ophthalmoscopy & Retinal Photography – We check inside the eye for cataracts and any signs retinal photoof retinal disease. Our new retinal camera allows us to take a picture of the inside of the eye to analyze eye health without having to subject you to bright lights for a long period of time and in most cases preventing us from having to dilate the eyes. This also helps us evaluate for         evidence of systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Our office will refer any patient to the appropriate specialist if we detect or suspect any problems not treated by us.

Visual Fields – This is a measurement of your peripheral vision.  This helps evaluate the complete visual pathway to the brain and helps in finding early defects that result from glaucoma and tumors, etc.

 Refraction – This is where the prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses is determined that allows you to see as clearly as possible. We also check the alignment of your eyes for good binocular vision.

Keratometry – If you are getting contact lenses, we will carefully measure the curvature or the “shape” of your eyes to correctly fit your lenses.

Biomicroscopy – This allows us to examine the tissues of your eye microscopically to check for any problems, defects or disease of the cornea or anterior section of the eye.

Consultation – We will discuss your eye care needs to determine the best eye care plan for you. We will prescribe eyeglasses or contacts that best suit your lifestyle.

You enjoy dealing with very professional and friendly people.       Friendly
We enjoy our practice as Memphis optometrists and would love to have you become one of our patients.

You want to wear contact lenses.     contact lenses
We carry an inventory of many types of daily wear, extended wear and disposable contact lenses. Many times you can get your contact lenses the same day. We’ve fit many patients that have been previously told that they could not wear contact lenses. The contact lens examination fees include the initial exam and prescription for eyeglasses, contact lens evaluation, the fitting, dispensing and all follow-up care.

You want replacement contacts by mail.      Mail
Our prices are competitive with mail-order houses. We can take your order over the phone and mail your contact lenses straight to your door!

You want an honest professional you can trust.     Trust
Dr. Buck, Dr. Pressman, and Dr. Jones have many years of experience to help solve your vision problems and accurately prescribe your eyeglasses or contact lenses. These local Memphis optometrists receive over 48 hours of continuing education every year.

We are Memphis optometrists located next to VisionWorks (formerly EyeMasters)

Call to make an appointment now or fill out your forms online and set up your appointment.

We can see you today!

Our home page:   http://mastereyememphis.com

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